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Arrow HR Services Pvt Ltd

Manpower Training and Development & Trade Test

Arrow HR Services Pvt Ltd employment solutions has always preferred the selection of applicants on the basis of two process- it is done either by oral test or a practical test, which is generally conducted by the employer or any representative of his or her company. When the employer trusts us with the selection process, we do by seeking the help technical & professional experts and under the adequate supervision of our professional executives. The tests are conducted in highly reputable Trade-Test centres. In case, any employer sends his team to conduct the test, Arrow HR Services Pvt Ltd Employment Solutions will provide all the necessary facilities like space for test, accommodation, transport and various logistics support. We have a high reputation for our Manpower Training and Development & Trade Test.

  • Hiring Process
  • Post Selection Orientation and Travel Arrangements
  • Efficient and Cost Effective Services
  • Drug Abuse Briefing and Orientation
  • Deployment of Emigrants